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Privacy Policy
​- I protect your data well

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Handling of personal data: 

The following describes the privacy policy for the company Levetid v/psychologist Malene Hollmann, including how your data is handled.


As a client or customer of Levetid, you often provide personal or health-related information in the context of therapy, coaching or in the scope and solutions of organisational psychological tasks. I use the information you provide to assess, organise and carry out your therapeutic process or organisational psychology tasks.

If you enquire on behalf of another person, you must ensure that the enquiry is made in accordance with the person in question and that they are made aware of this privacy policy. For clients under the age of 16, the consent form must be accepted by a parent or legal guardian.

I film couples therapy sessions for use in supervision, where my supervisor looks at my role and methodology to ensure my professional development. All material is stored in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is deleted after the supervision, and couples sign a consent form when we meet.

Your personal data is stored for a maximum of five years from the last activity. This is to avoid you having to pay for a new initial consultation where I collect the same information you have already provided, should you wish to take a break and resume the collaboration at a later date. In addition, there are other legal obligations that mean that selected personal data must be stored for some time after the programme, i.e. both the Accounting Law and the Psychologist Law.


Information that is processed:

The personal data and other information you provide to me is the information that is processed and stored. This may include (but is not limited to): name, age, gender, address, contact information, social security number, information about mental health and life challenges, sexuality, upbringing and information from and about your programmes.

If you wish to withdraw your consent:

Your consent can be withdrawn at any time; Simply contact me in writing and request this, after which I will delete all personal data that is no longer to be used for a lawful purpose. Information that is required by law to be stored, such as personal data associated with invoices or my duty to keep records, will continue to be stored in accordance with applicable legislation.


Cookie policy: 

When you visit, your visit is registered in your browser in the form of a cookie. Cookies are used for several functionalities. A cookie is a small file that contains an identification of a device to The file does not contain personal information about you but is used, for example, for selected functionalities on the website Cookies are used on to store your consent to cookies.

Why am I being asked to consent to the use of cookies?

In accordance with the statutory instrument on cookies, companies must obtain consent for the use of all cookies that are not technically necessary to use the website. In this case, cookies are only used for necessary functionalities on the website, why only general consent is obtained to draw attention to this. The website does not use cookies for marketing purposes.

Who do I give consent to?

You give consent to Levetid v/psychologist Malene Hollmann, CVR: 28600720

If you wish to delete cookies:

If you wish to withdraw your consent or simply do not wish to use cookies, you can delete selected or all cookies in your internet browser by following one of the external instructions below. Please note, if you use multiple devices (e.g. both computer and smartphone), you must delete cookies on all of them. See the instructions below:


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