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Organisational Psychology

- Work life with meaning

As an organisational psychologist, I possess a keen understanding of the individuals, deliverables, agendas and positions within organisations. I am used to working at all levels in Danish and global organisations, offering assistance with the following challenges:


  • Personal Leadership Development: Through coaching and counselling, we address the specific challenges you face in your leadership role. This includes resource allocation, conflicts within your staff group, adherence to values, employees who trigger you negatively, navigating organizational and cultural changes, work-life balance, assertiveness, and effective communication. This programme is tailored for managers at all levels, regardless of leadership experience. It can be designed for an individual manager or encompass the entire management team.

  • Team Development: My team development approach focuses on achieving your business goals by considering your team's composition, shared objectives, capabilities, and resources.

  • Recruitment Support: I can assist in designing a comprehensive recruitment process, including identifying the desired employee profile, creating compelling job postings, and coaching hiring managers in effective interview techniques and targeted questions based on the candidate's profile, CV, and personality test. I can also assist in conducting interviews with the hiring manager, where I provide feedback on personality and logic/IQ tests, and offer recommendations regarding the strengths and challenges of relevant candidates to management.

  • Well-being, Stress Prevention and Management: I offer assistance in the development of well-being and stress policies, design of well-being surveys, conduct interviews with stressed employees and managers, provide counselling for employees returning to work, and address bullying, sexual harassment, and acute workplace crises. I also offer conflict mediation and assistance in resolving cooperation challenges.

  • Process Facilitation: Whether it's organizational reviews, reorganizations, strategy and value processes, management days, or change processes, I serve as a skilled facilitator. My focus is on ensuring that the agenda is achieved, everyone's voice is heard, and decisions are made through clear communication, a positive atmosphere, and a comprehensive overview.

  • Workshops and Training: I offer engaging presentations tailored to your target group. Topics include well-being, job satisfaction, stress prevention and management, addressing bullying, sexual harassment, and offensive behaviour, recruitment best practices, motivation, and performance.


All organizational psychological development tasks are customized to address your unique reality and challenges. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact me here.

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