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Psychotherapy is for those who are struggling with issues that negatively affect you, your relationships or your ability to work. When it's hard to see a way out on your own or you're in an acute crisis, therapy provides a dedicated space and the support you need to find peace, meaning and structure again.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is for those who find themselves feeling unhappy, trapped in repetitive patterns, yearning for deeper intimacy, improved sexual connection, and enhanced communication. Whether you just need an overhaul or your relationship feels like it's teetering on the edge, couples therapy can guide you toward positive transformation and meaningful change.

Organisational Development

Individual and group leadership development, fostering personal and professional growth, and cultivating effective leadership strategies. Coaching, stress prevention and management. Recruitment, training, development of psychological and organisational work environment, facilitation of processes, handling conflicts, bullying and sexual harassment.

Therapy Sessions
Welcome to Levetid

Levetid is my psychology practice, where I provide psychotherapy services for individuals and couples and address organizational psychological needs for managers, teams, and employees across all levels.

The name Levetid (Lifetime) embodies the notion that we all have a finite time in this world, and we have the opportunity to consciously utilize it for our personal growth and to enrich our relationships, both personally and professionally. It's not about striving for a perfect or hyper-productive life as an extraordinary super-human, but rather about living with purpose and meaning and embracing the right amount of joy.


We all can benefit from guidance on this journey, so here in my showcase you can learn more about my approach, how I have helped previous clients and organizations, and how I can assist you.


If you don't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Malene Hollmann

Cand. Psych. Aut. 


With Malene, I don't have to worry about her judging me for my feelings or actions. It's a safe space where there is room to laugh, cry, and yawn, and where I feel met on my level. For me, it is and has been invaluable to be able to have one or more conversations with Malene during the periods when I most need someone who knows me and my life themes - big and small. Most importantly, I never feel like a stranger to her, no matter how much time passes between our conversations.

Sille, 28 years - Consultant. Counselling around body, sexuality and self-esteem

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