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Preparation for 
couples therapy

- For you who are starting a couples therapy programme

The following contains important information about starting a couples therapy course with me. Please read it carefully. Below you will find more about the structure of the course, as well as some questions I ask you to answer before we meet for the first session.




First session: 

We start with a joint couples session. At our first session, the primary focus will be getting to know each other, during which you can assess whether what I offer matches your needs. Please answer the” questions prior to couples therapy” below, and send them to me no later than three days before our first session.

Second session:  

You then each have your own individual session (the same week or, at the latest, the following week after the first couples session). This session will last 50 minutes and must be booked in your own name. Here I see you alone to identify your individual attachment stories in order to be most efficient in the couples therapy.

Third session: 

Please book the second joint session no later than one week after your individual sessions. The first sessions should preferably be close to ensure we get a good starting point for the therapy.

Following sessions: 

The course continues with joint sessions where we typically meet every two weeks. If the conflict level is high we will meet every week in the beginning until things have calmed a bit between you. It may be a good idea to book the subsequent sessions well in advance to ensure you get the appointments you need, as there is often quite a high demand for timeslots.


You can book appointments here.


Should you be prevented from attending the session, you must cancel no later than 24 hours before the session (in the booking system), and you must both show up for your joint sessions. All possible communication takes place with both of you, via e-mail, should there be any practical questions after we have started the sessions. 


I occasionally film couples sessions for use in supervision where my supervisor looks at my role and method to ensure my professional development. All material is stored securely following the GDPR rules and is deleted after use. You will be asked to sign a written consent form prior to any recording. 


Pets and children are not well combined with therapy, so please leave them at home.

I look forward to meeting you both.


Best wishes,

Malene Hollmann

Cand. Psych. Aut., EFT couples therapist and sexologist.

Questions prior to couples therapy:


Please fill out the following information for both of you.


Name and age:


Phone number: 


Name and age:


Phone number:

You can answer the following questions together or separately.

Note that if you fill in separately, you must read each other’s answers before your first session.

  • How long have you been together as a couple?

  • Do you have children? (How many/age/yours/mine/our)

  • Briefly describe why you have chosen to start couples therapy.

  • What do you want less of?

  • What do you miss and want more of?

  • What do you hope to get out of a couples therapy course?

  • Is one or both of you unsure if you want to stay together?

  • Describe (each) your own share in/your own responsibility for being in this situation right now.

  • Is there anything about you as a couple or about each of you that would be nice for you that I know before we meet?

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