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Organisational Psychology

- work-life with meaning

In my role as organisational psychologist, I bring an experienced eye for the different people, deliverables, agendas, and positions within organisations. I am used to work on all levels in organisations of various sizes and in different cultures globally as well as locally. I can assist you with:

  • Process facilitation: e.g., organisational reviews, reorganisation, strategy- and value processes, leadership fora and change processes. I steer you through your process ensuring overview, clear communication, all is heard, the agenda is covered and decisions are made

  • Workshops and teachings: Presentations scoped to your employees. Themes can be stress prevention and -management, well-being, work-life balance, bullying and harassment at work, sexual and offensive behavior, motivation and psychological safety

  • Developing your personal leadership: I coach you to discover and gain insights in and create solutions to your challenges. Whether it be distribution of resources, frustrating conflicts, organizational changes, change management, cultural differences or communication. The challenges of being a leader are many and the complexity is often high. Competent coaching offers you a confidential space to develop your leadership no matter seniority or level of leadership  

  • ​Team development: We scope meaningful team development together based on the team strenghts, challenges, resources, and deliverables. My services span from kick-off in newly established teams to one-off workshops and long-term processes Team development can include Insights® profiling as you prefer​

  • Stressprevention and -management: Development of well-being and stress policy, design of well-being surveys, sessionss with stressed employees and leaders, counceling leaders regarding employees returning to work after sick leave, conflict resolution and mediation

  • Recruitment from A-Z: Design of recruitment process, scope of wanted profile, generation of job post, coach hiring leader in crisp interview technique and questions to ask, IQ- and personal profiling, recommendations to leader on strengths and challenges in relevant candidates  ​

All organizational services are tailored to fit your current reality and needs. Contact me for further dialogue and information here.

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